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    Astral Projection & Michael



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    Astral Projection & Michael

    Post  Lemonbread on Sat May 22, 2010 8:01 pm

    Empathy, In your honest opinon and the many readings that you have done on Michael, do you believe that he was able to attained the abiltiy to Astral Project. Because from the many of articles pertaining to the metaphysical this can be done. With enough discipline and training. And if this is possible, would that not be a powerful thing, in which would put some people in danger from other not so friendly people that are exploiting these talents for their person gain. I hope you get what I am trying to say.

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    Re: Astral Projection & Michael

    Post  EMPATHY on Sun May 23, 2010 4:36 am

    There are many who claim that astral projection is possible Lemonbread but I have to say I am not an expert to talk confidently about this subject. I believe whatever a person does it has to be for the right reasons and unfortunately as with every metaphysical tool there is a responsibility attached.

    I probably would need to think more about your question but just wanted you to know that I have viewed it. There are many people out there on the web who have made a lot of claims to certain things and particularly with reference to Michael and I know this has been a subject out there.

    So I might have to come back on this if its ok with you xx

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