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    Pondering a Thought

    Post  Lemonbread on Sun May 16, 2010 6:59 pm

    Empathy, I was looking back throug a couple of vides of Michael and read some where in which during a rehearsal/or maybe a show( do not remember which one) where Michael was performing and whatever he was standing on did not separate like it suppose to ( there is a video somewhere on this) it should have the stage equipment were suppose to work and it should when it did not work and Michael got hurt( i think that it had to do with his back). This thought keeps popping into to my head,mainly because it seems like( how should I put this) Michael was not always protected as he should have been. Some one was not doing their job.( You get my drift).

    There is something else that I find puzzling, another video( I know you all are going to hate me bring up this person name. The Mr. Bashir interview with Michael. ) Do you all recall the part of the interview in which they both we at Neverland Ranch in the movie theater and Michael was telling Mr. Bashir how he became part of the Jackson group. If you listen very carefully you will hear Michael state that Jermaine was the lead singer and that his mom told his father that Michael could sing and that his father should give him a try. His father Joe Jackson stated that Jermaine was the lead singer. After hearing Michael sing, Jermaine was no longer the leading singer. And the rest we all know is history.

    Poor Michael had to grow up pretty fast and had to deal with adult situations that he should not have been dealing with until later in life.

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    Re: Pondering a Thought

    Post  starfish on Sun May 16, 2010 11:31 pm

    Very interesting Lemonbread, it was a live concert when it happened.
    Michael Jackson Earth Song Munich 1999.He has an accident,the bridge COLLAPSE and he hurts his back

    And I ask myself many times whether this was a coincidence.

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    Re: Pondering a Thought

    Post  EMPATHY on Mon May 17, 2010 1:32 am

    I remember the conversation regarding Jermaine, Lemonbread. I also have watched the video from 1999 that Star posted linked to your reference about when Michael hurt his back.

    Looking at that video the cage descended a bit quicker then I think it was meant to as it landed with a bit of a thud so someone did not get the timing of that right whoever was looking after that particular prop. I noticed that as the cage descended, the person still left on stage quickly got of the way and started to run towards the back of the stage and I noticed the security leap off the right hand side of the stage to get down to the prop.

    Its very difficult to make suggestions here - for one thing if Michael was injured at a concert there would be an insurance payout - even window cleaners have to take insurance out in case they fall off their ladders, so any accident on stage would and could be claimed against if it was pursued. So would it be to anyones benefit to mess with that prop? or should it be considered as a simple malfailure?

    I am not a great expert regarding Michael/ his history in full - meaning all the details or many of his videos. I just appreciated his music as part of my own upbringing but I was not an ardent fan by the minute/day - so I know the fans who were really into Michael day by day will know more about his videos and what would seem suspicious more then I would.

    All I know is that the company that is responsible for that prop could have been pursued if there was a malfunction putting a famous singer at risk.

    Michael would have been insured and there would have been an insurance with the props which reminds me, I thought that Michaels real life insurance was very little considering who he was - I think Ken Dodd would have insured his front teeth for more. elephant

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    Re: Pondering a Thought

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