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    MJ and Meditation/ Cosmic Energy



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    MJ and Meditation/ Cosmic Energy

    Post  Lemonbread on Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:11 pm

    I was reading up on Meditation and the different aspect of it. And Michael came to mind about this.  There are different discussions about the different levels of Meditation to seeking your Super consciousness. It is so weird because Lightworkers  were mentioned as well.  I  just cannot put my finger on it but  I know that some how that Michael was able to achieve that level of meditation where he was one with Creator.  I am going to find those videos and try to post them for you.  

    I would love to here some thoughts on this. Here are the videos.

    This one starts talking about Cosmic Energy aroung 2:33

    There are 5 parts to this. And it is amazing.

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