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    Michael Jackson Lives


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    Michael Jackson Lives

    Post  starfish on Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:49 am

    I'm not sure if we had this as a topic.

    Michael Jackson Lives
    Yes, yes, we all know he lives in the
    hearts of those who loved him and that his memory will be cherished for
    many years to come, but what if you knew he was still here on earth?
    Even more, what would you do if you knew his presence was so greatly
    entwined with your own being, that you felt compelled to ensure this
    powerful personality was returned to the people?

    Similar questions plagued Robin Alexis in the months after Jackson's
    physical death. Never previously a fan, she wondered why he was
    ubiquitous in her waking and sleeping thoughts. Moreover, she wondered
    who would believe this incredulous story?

    Having a near death experience before the age of three, Alexis has
    since developed abilities to intuitively speak with babies and animals
    and to help people "realign their energies." As a spirit medium and
    ghost whisperer, she appears regularly on national broadcasts and hosts a
    popular radio show called "Mystic Radio," twice weekly on alternative
    talk radio station KKNW 1150 AM, Seattle. She also will appear on an
    upcoming episode of Showtime's popular television show "The Real L
    Word," airing later this month. Alexis has had an extraordinary life and
    tremendous life experiences; however, telling people she'd been
    contacted-no, pestered-by the late, great Michael Jackson seemed too
    much for her to grasp.

    Immediately after Jackson's death, and continuing for months, Alexis
    says he begged her to help him. "I kept asking his guides and guardian
    angles to come get him," she said. "I kept seeing him quite frantic, he
    was a very, very, very distraught dead person-very upset," she shared,
    adding that Jackson is "wretchedly heartbroken that he wasn't able to
    experience his children more."

    Though Alexis previously experienced everything from haunted homes to
    infamous criminals, Jackson had her wondering if she was losing her
    mind. After months of incessant nagging, Alexis called her own spiritual
    consultant, Janet Hartson and said "Can you help me help him, or help
    me if I've just gone nuts!" To which Hartson assured Alexis she
    hadn't lost her mind and that the spirit who had bound himself to her
    energy field indeed is Jackson.

    Having been sexually abused as a child, Alexis had been disturbed by
    the allegations of molestation surrounding the pop star and the
    unresolved issues in that regard. But Jackson's presence made her
    re-evaluate her own knowing and helped her grow. "The seventh sense is
    awareness," she explained. "Awareness is perception without judgment. I
    was very prejudiced about Michael Jackson so I had to grow spiritually
    to give service to him as a soul." Alexis emphasized that Jackson's
    ghost is in need of healing, and is "vexed about a number of things.

    "Once he found me and latched on to my energy he was kind of a pest.
    He was used to finding who he needed to find and pay them, but he
    couldn't pay me money-he had to convince me that I would work with him,"
    she chuckled.

    It took many months, and thousands of intuitive conversations with
    Jackson for Alexis to feel comfortable sharing her knowledge with the
    world. A step like this marks one of those leaps of faith where one
    takes the action because of the internal knowledge that it's the right
    step. Taking that step often is an act of courage and sometimes we have
    to give ourselves permission to follow our knowing--acting accordingly
    no matter the consequence.

    Today, Alexis is loudly and profoundly working on behalf of team
    Jackson, whom she says soon will return in a physical body. According to
    Alexis, three well-known people will assist the couple who plan on
    conceiving him and bringing him into the world, and "by the time that
    child is three years old and he can speak and begin to play music, that
    people will be hard pressed to deny that it's Michael Jackson back

    "He wants us to wake up to smell the roses he wants us to understand
    that each and every day we do have a choice to find something that
    we're grateful for. And that if you were him now and your heart was not
    beating anymore, your heart has taken its last beat, what do you want
    your thought to be when you leave your body? Do you want to stand
    outside your body and look back at your life and think did I do that
    right? How do I feel about that? Michael says death is a very powerful
    teacher and he suggests that before you are dead that you think about
    that and you live a little better, a little more thoughtfully."

    Though he may not have completed the intended purpose during his
    lifetime, Michael Jackson touched the hearts and souls of many-including
    one medium, who was able to grow spiritually by trusting the knowing in
    her heart.


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    Re: Michael Jackson Lives

    Post  EMPATHY on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:56 pm

    I think I have read this one before somewhere Star.

    I cant remember where it is but it might be on the forum in one of the threads, worth another look though.

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
    whenever you need me, I,ll be there".


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